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Met Art – Virginia Sun – Ponytail

Virginia Met Art

Would it be wrong of me to fixate on poking that tight little pussy on Virginia Sun from Met Art? I mean, I have seen my fair share of cuties while working in this God forsaken business, but there aren’t a whole lot of true gems like this girl. There are lots of good looking girls, but not with wholesome nubile goodness like Virginia has.

If you are a fan of Virginia Met Art is a great resource for your to find plenty more of her. The site has thirteen galleries, most with accompanying videos, of her nubile body. They expertly show off her perky young tits, her tight teen fanny and her smooth as a virgin pussy. Get a lot of tissue because you are going to need it.

Virginia has a bio on the site so you can see what her favorite hobbies are. She is such a little trouble maker breaking the hearts of boys from her school. She currently wonders if she should try having sex with a teacher. Not because she wants an easy A in his class, but because she wants to try having sex with somebody that knows how to treat a lady. Even if she is still a young lady. Her only dilemma is that she feels she doesn’t yet know enough about sex to try such a thing. Will be understand, or will he chastise her for her lack of knowledge?

I bid you farewell and leave you one last way to get your teen sex fix. It is called XartHunter and it is very comprehensive. Not to mention it is also free!

Virgin Pussy

She has the virgin pussy of a nubile teen and the tits of a seasoned player with all the right moves. She is Katrina from and her friends call her perfectly pink.

All of the models at X-Art have virgin pussy, or at least it looks that way. While most have small tits, Katrina bought herself a set of big ones. I am not a fan of paying for God’s work and I actually prefer small tits… that said, I will let Katrina slide this one time because her pussy is so fucking beautiful. I mean… that is if a pussy can be beautiful.

There are plenty of small tits models like Aria at X-Art. Sandy is another small tits notable. She also has a very virgin looking pussy. X-Art adds a new model every Tuesday and Friday. The images go up to 4000px and with pussies like these it is easy to see why. The videos are shot in Full HD at 1920×1080. Truly amazing stuff!

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