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Ever since she started going to high school little Belle wanted to be like the big girls. She learned how to put on makeup like they did. She learned how to do her long flowing hair like they did. The only thing she was missing were their big tits. Belle was too proud to stuff her bra with toilet paper like other girls her age did. She wanted to get a boy with her body. Ultimately she picked the boyfriend of the hottest girl in school. Belle made it her life’s work to steal him away from her.


As luck would have it he had a fondness for little girls like Belle. He preferred them over the more developed girls in his own class. Her liked their cute little bums and he liked that they often wore cotton print panties with lace trim, like his sister does. He also liked their small boobs and their puffy nipples. He was like a deer in headlights for her. Easy pickings.


Belle arrived at the same party her intended target was attending with that bitch skank of a girlfriend he was dating. She wore a very tight and very tiny dress that didn’t leave a whole lot to the imagination. Her small perky boobs didn’t need a bra and she wore some cute print panties with the lace trim she knew he would love.

While sitting on the opposite side of the room from her, the boyfriend spent some time checking Belle out here and there. Not enough for his girlfriend to notice, but plenty enough for Belle to know she had him dead in her sights now. Belle flashed him her panties and noticed through her peripheral vision that he took a double take. Next she did it again only this time she let him linger for a few seconds.

Once Belle was sure she had his attention she got up and looked right at him. Their eyes met. Belle motion for him to follow her and she went down the hallway towards the bathroom. Like the true pervert he was he followed soon after.

Belle stood inside he bathroom waiting for her catch and he didn’t make her wait long. Once inside she locked the door and pushed him against the wall planting her lips over his. Not knowing how much time they had Belle quickly and deftly unzipped his pants. She could feel his cock was getting hard. Belle bent down and sucked on his cock for a few seconds making sure it was rock hard.

After she was sure he was ready Belle stood up and hiked up her skirt, pulling her panties to the side. She then pulled him towards her and the two of them crashed into the counter top. She jumped up hooking her feet into his buttocks to reel him in. His cock entered her wet pussy without much trouble. In just a few seconds they were going at it hot and heavy with sweat already beginning to drip down both of them.

The boy couldn’t hold out any longer and he released his sperm deep into Belle’s belly. She could feel the warmth. Good thing her mom insisted she start using birth control pills once she started high school to "control her period."

Unfortunately Belle wasn’t even close to being ready to orgasm, but that didn’t matter. This go around was purely for his enjoyment. To let him know what he could be having it he left that bitch.

She told him to put his pants back on and get out there before anybody noticed he was gone. Once she was alone in the bathroom she reached her hand into her panties and frigged her aching clit until she felt her orgasm hit her in waves. Her fingers were sticky wet with their love juices. Belle brought them to her mouth and tasted them. They tasted salty.

Before exiting the bathroom Belle noticed how soaked her panties where. She thought about wiping his cum out of them with a tissue, but then decided to leave it in there. It would be a kinky reminder to her that the most beautiful girl in the school’s boyfriend shot his load into her pussy. From that point on everybody noticed Belle. She carried herself differently. She was more confident and poised.

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They are erotic. It is art.

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You have got to love these small tits webcam models and their ingenuity. For example, lets take a look at DianaAngel here. She has pulled her pants down just far enough to insight you into dreaming of pulling them off the rest of the way. She also is cleverly leaving a bit of a nipple slip showing so you can also dream of sucking on her small tits while she rides your cock.

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Adult Cam Chat Adult Cam Chat
Adult Cam Chat

Back in my day the only reason college seniors would invite college freshman chicks to their frat parties was to get them drunk and watch them kiss. If they were lucky the girls would full on lez out!

It has been a few decades since I was in college and from what I have seen on the Internet not a whole lot has changed since my coed days. Perhaps the only change is that girls are much more likely to perform bisexually, even with a camera present!

Go back in time with sex cam chat. These girls don’t just do a lesbian show. They will deepthroat a strapon dildo and more in order to simulate a threesome with you. Guys, these college coeds are money hungry so you can get about as kinky as they come and they won’t tell you no.

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