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Sweet Miya Foxx Is A Real Life Pixie On Her Naked Cam


When I was hunting for a sweet little thing to spend some time with I was shocked as shit to find porn star Miya Foxx doing naked cam chats. I had to rub my eyes and blink a few times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I have been a huge fan of this spunk monster since she started her porn career only a few months ago. Then it hit me. Why am I that surprised to find such a high caliber girl on They always have the best webcam girls of any live cam site out there.

Now I know you might be rubbing your eyes and blinking from noticing the $200 price tag in the photo above. Don’t worry about that. You don’t have to foot that bill. You only tip her a portion of it. I tipped her $5 and that was all. There were a couple of other guys that also tipped in the $5 range and a lot of guys that tipped her more than that.

Once her little money counter hit $200 her naked live show started and she proceeded to strip down so we could all get a better look at her. She left her nylons on and that was just fine. They helped turn this coed fuckbox into a teen nymph!

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