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Trixie Teen Barely Legal


When it comes to young porn you can’t get much more barely legal than Trixie Teen. Her cute face, petite body, small tits and tight little fanny are what barely legal dreams are made of!

Bald pussies like Trixie’s look so smooth you almost have to wonder if she can actually grow hairy down there! Trixie Teen has a sweet video of her lathering her bare pussy up with sudsy water. Giving this girl a bath would be delightful!

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Tiny Tabby

I saw this picture of Tiny Tabby getting dressed and two things came to my mind. Both of them equally perverted… First, Tabby, who are you trying to kid? You are flatter than Kansas! You need a training bra, not an underwire! Second, I once walked in on a girl doing what Tabby is doing here… and things ended up "going my way" if you know what I mean!

She was a buddy’s sister and she had just gotten back from swim practice. She was such a cutie with a hard body and no fat on her at all. Just like Tiny Tabby!

Anyway… I heard her bedroom door close and needed to use the bathroom so I headed on over. The bathroom door was slightly ajar and when I pushed it open I got to see her naked boobs!

This girls boobs weren’t big by any definition of the word. In fact, they were actually quite small. I didn’t care though. Any naked booby is just that… a naked booby!

At first she flinched and once she saw it was me she went ahead and put her arms above her head to let her shirt fall down them and onto her chest.

"Like the show?" She asked.

"I was just going to go pee. I didn’t know you were in here. I swear!" I defended myself.

"Relax. I wasn’t saying you were a pervert and you didn’t answer my question. Did you enjoy the show?"

Oh course I did. Was this some kind of trick? "I am not going to lie. You are cute and seeing your boobs naked is… well… hot." I told her.

"Wow… Such a gentleman you are. Haha! Well, now Mr. Gentleman, it is your turn to show me. You said you needed to pee?"

Holy Shit! Did she just ask to watch me pee?

"I don’t think so. Nice try." I wasn’t going to pee in front of a girl. No way!

"Come on. I bet you have a big dick. What? Are you embarrased? Ahh, aww you twwwooo em-ber-wassed?" She was taunting me.

"No, it’s just… why would you want to watch me pee? I thought girls that peeing was gross!" I figured that’d end it… wrong!

"Ha! Really? Um, everybody pees silly. It’s a bodily function. I’ll tell you what. You let me watch you pee and I will let you watch me pee too!"

Now I was really beginning to wonder. What kind of pervert was she? Was she trying to trap me some how? I really did need to pee and I needed to pee quick!

"OK, I will let you watch me pee, but you don’t have to pee for me unless you want to." Boo-yah! Pervert ball is now back on her side of the court!

With that I closed the bathroom door and walked passed her to the toilet whipping out my dick. It was semi-hard and usually that stops me from peeing, but I had been holding it for a while. As the stream let out she edged in closer to get a better look.

"It’s so big. Does it get bigger?" She commented on my cock.

"Yeah. But you have to play with it to get it that big. Besides, it’s really hard to pee when it’s that big." I informed her.

When I was done I gave it two shakes and she giggled at that.

"What was that?" She questioned.

"We don’t wipe, you just shake it twice and your done." I said.

We switched spots and she pulled her shorts and her panties down. Her pussy only had a little tuft of hair on top. Not very thick, it looked like she trimmed it real short. I could see her crack perfectly and her little clit poked out a bit.

"Looks like I am not the only one that is excited." I laughed.

"What do you mean?" She asked as a stream of pee shot out of her.

"Your clit is hard. I can see it." I answered.

"Yeah, well you dick is getting bigger and well… I ain’t rubbing it so you must be a real pervert that likes watching girls go pee." Shit, ball was back in my court!

"I guess you don’t want to see what a hard cock looks like then." I tossed back as she stopped peeing and wiped herself.

"Now you are putting words in my mouth." She quipped back at me.

"That’s not all I’d like to put in your mouth…" I said under my breath.

"So show me your BIG cock then Mr. Gentleman!" She commanded.

I pointed to my zipper. "It’s right there. Take it out."

With that she reached forward and pulled my zipper down. She half expected my dick to just plop out and when it didn’t she frowned, and then began working on the button. Once that was popped my dick did bounce out and she smiled like it was an ice cream or something.

"Wow, it really is big. What does it taste like?" She asked.

"How would I know? I don’t even know what a girl tasted like so I damn sure don’t know what a guy tasted like!"

She stuck out her tongue and rolled it around my cock head. This made some precum ooze out and she touched it with her finger, playing with it between her fingers.

"What’s this stuff?" She asked.

"Same stuff as you I guess. Makes it so we slide easier." I answered.

She put her fingers into her mouth and sucked my precum off of them. Next she took the whole head into her mouth and began rolling her tongue around it. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. My dick got so hard it was actually painful!

"I wonder if I can put the entire thing into my mouth?" She pondered aloud.

"Only one way to find out!" I quickly returned.

Her hand grasped the base of my cock and she pulled me forward a bit. Then her lips parted and I watched as my cock disappeared into her warm mouth. She got just about half way and then gagged. To be honest, that felt better than the act of just having it in her mouth!

"Let me try again." She commanded.

I didn’t put up a fight. Shit, I was in heaven!

This time she made it about three quarters of the way down before gagging. I could swear my cock head looked like an Adams Apple in her throat!

"Maybe you should start at half way and slowly work downward as you get used to the sensation?" I suggested.

Without saying a word she did as I had suggested. Slowly in a bit and then out a bit. My knees started getting weak it felt so good! Pretty soon she was passing the three quarter mark and was working her way down to the base before gagging again.

"I think I’ll just stick with half way and use my hand on the rest." She offered.

"Sou[cough] sounds good to me!" I exclaimed as her mouth worked my cock again.

Before long I needed to blow my load and put my hands on her head to pull her back. She looked up at me working my cock with her hand.

"What?" She asked.

"I nee-need ta- to cum!" I was right on the verge of blowing my load.

She reached down and took her shirt off with her free hand. Just as soon as her shirt was clear my throbbing cock started plastering her young boobs in cum. It pumped out way harder than ever before. I was shocked at how much came out. I could only imagine what was going through her mind.

After it slowed down she let go of my cock and I grabbed it. I could tell it still had more to shoot and I gave it a few jerks. Sure enough more stuff came out, but not enough to drip. She leaned forward and licked the last bit of cum from off of my cock head. It tickled so much I almost fell over.

"Wow, salty!" Is all she said.

Just then I heard her mom’s voice calling for her from downstairs. Holy shit!

I pulled my pants up and quietly opened the door, exited and then closed it quietly behind me. I hid in her brother’s room until the coast was clear and hightailed it out of the house!

Tiny Tabby looks like the spitting image of my friends sister. It is uncanny. She also looks like a girl I had a crush on in college. She was a freshman and I was a senior. We ended up dating and I found out she was 17 years old. We ended up having to wait a month for her birthday, but it was plenty worth it!

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