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Cute ebony babe wants that white cock badly

Today was spent much like any other day. I get up, make a coffee and after that, I always make sure to take a look at the latest updates at Fapster. Call me greedy if you like but I just want to make sure that my cock gets a taste of these xxx videos before anyone else puts their dirty little hands on them.

One of the videos really caught me by surprise and it wasn’t because of some lucky white kid gets dick sucked by ebony babe, it was because I couldn’t get over just how smoking hot the ebony girl was.

Take a look at her for yourself and find out how long you can hold out before you want to burst. Those sweet lips of hers would feel so awesome wrapped around my cock and I am going to make sure that she feels every inch of me. It is a moment just like this that make me know full well why I always come back for more!

Kiss Promise

I don’t write about black teens very often. Mainly it is because the Internet doesn’t have very many solo model teens! It does have Kiss Promise though and today she is the object of my infatuation.

Actually… It was another girl in real like that was the object of my infatuation and it happened several years ago when Kiss Promise first opened and I still had my day job. (Yes, I write about porn all day now and it pays me just enough that I could tell my old boss he can go fuck himself!)

We got this new girl in and fuck me if she didn’t look like a twin of Kiss Promise. She was always wondering why in the fuck I had to do double-takes all of the time. Lucky for me she was into white dudes. Unlucky for me she was 17 when we hired her. So I had to wait.

And wait I did. As her 18th birthday approached I asked her if she had any plans. I didn’t hover over her or anything. I was actually her boss so I made it sound like no big deal. Just a father figures interest in her well being.

She took it to mean more and got close and said, “Nope, got anything in mind?”

I honestly didn’t even have a thought about it. I had never thought she’d be into a white dude and an older one at that. I suggested that someone should take her to a proper dinner and a movie. Since it is her birthday she should pick a gushy movie she knows he wouldn’t like.

My Kiss Promise asked what time I’d be picking her up. I did the, “Me? Oh, no, I wasn’t talking about me,” thing. She saw right through it. We made a date for 7PM.

She drove herself over to my house and I have to say, I got some looks from the neighbors. If she were white I could pass her off as my niece maybe. Since she was black it and obviously barely legal, it was going to be fun coming up with a story… I settled on the truth. No one believed a girl that young would bang me so it worked beautifully. They all figured we were carpooling for a work related party or something. I get all the credit, huh?

So we went to a steakhouse. Again, we got some stares. People figured it was work related again and she brought it up in a not so happy way. I told her that people are wondering why the age difference. That is all. She ended the dinner by giving me a kiss before we left so that no one had to wonder anymore. I got a big kick out of it. And it let me know something about her intentions.

We left the steakhouse and hit the movies. She picked The Notebook. Ugghhh! Oh well. It could have been much worse.

When Allie showed up on Noah’s doorstep I got another kiss. This time it was longer, more tongue and much more passionate. When the kiss ended she looked into my eyes and asked me what I wanted from her. I replied, happiness. She grabbed my hand and held it until the credits began rolling.

We left the theater hand in hand and went to my car. Before I could get my key in the lock she pushed me up against the car and began a five minute long kiss. I tried to keep my cock from hitting her but she seemed to be on a quest to find the damn thing. She found it and started massaging it.

Then she asked if we could go back to my place.

Of course we can!

At every stop light she wanted to make out. I swear it was like being in high school all over again. Exhilarating. Once we got back to my pad she pulled me behind her to the door and demanded my keys. We rushed in and she took me over to the couch and pushed me down on it before straddling me and we kissed some more.

My hardon came back with a vengeance.  She was wearing a flowing skirt and I wondered what kind of panties she wore. I wondered what it’d be like to have her soft thighs touching mine. I wondered just how tight this 18 year old pussy would feel. I wondered if I’d last an entire minute inside her!

It didn’t take long to find out. My horny little vixen undid my zipper and pulled my cock out of the front of my pants. She went down South and began mouthing the head. Three or four minutes later I exploded into her mouth. Then it was time to find out about those panties.

We switched positions and I got down between her legs. She was wearing a white pair of satin panties. They contrasted so well with her chocolate skin that I wanted to take a picture. Not as porn, but as art. It looked that good!

I pulled her panties off and was greeted by a hairless pussy. Her outer folds were puffy and the inner lips were almost non-existent. So fucking barely legal I almost asked her for an I.D. check!

The taste of her pussy was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It actually didn’t taste like much and she had no smell. She was perfect in every way. I licked her vulva and her clit alternately and then pushed a finger in to see what my dick was in for. I shit you not, my Kiss Promise was so fucking tight I had to roll my finger in circles to pair it up with its buddy.

With two fingers rolling over her G-spot and my tongue and lips working her clit she had an amazing orgasm. It lasted for about ten seconds of huge rolling waves and then I kept slowly working the G-spot and licked her outer lips for about 20 more seconds of soft rolling. She exclaimed, “Holy shit that was fucking amazing! I have never had an orgasm that big!”

Always a confidence booster!

A quick switch of positions and my cock was getting worked into her tiny little snatch. I went to work on her small tits. She was so wet. With all of that juice my cock started parting her pussy lips. Before long I was in and she was so tight it was almost painful!

She rolled her clit against the base of my cock and I rolled my tongue over her nipple in unison. A minute or two of this and she started her second orgasm. When that was done she got off and worked her hand on my cock while kissing me. I told her I needed to shoot and she grabbed those satin panties of hers and wrapped them around my cock, telling me to go ahead.

I am sure you have a Kiss Promise in your life and even though you might not get as lucky as I did with her, you can always dream!

As you can see the guy that helps Kiss Promise run her website and shoot her content takes things seriously. The image and video quality is outstanding. The bodies these girls have are second to none.

These girls?

Yes, these girls. When you take the plunge and join Kiss Promise you also get access to her friends.  An Indian girl so fucking hot she will make you want to move to Bombay. A blonde with big tits so fucking Southern and sweet you will want to stay in America and another ebony girl that does porn, records and movies.

If you enjoy porn, but prefer a higher quality than most sites are willing to give, try Kiss Promise and her friends on for size.

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