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Curious Candy Masturbating


Little girls get curious about that slit between their legs. At some point they act on that curiosity and find out that they can stick various objects inside their pussies. I had a girlfriend in high school that asked me if I knew what "this" was… She produced a toothbrush holder, so I told her it was a toothbrush holder. She just laughed and spread her legs. Then she pushed it up into her pussy!

As it turns out she had used just about ever phallic shaped object in her bathroom inside her pussy!

A little more information… After working that toothbrush holder in and out of her pussy for a few minutes she sighed and blankly stared off to the left… Then she pulled it out of her pussy, cracked it open and produced a vibrating toothbrush. Next, she closed it back up and put it back inside herself while she rubbed the vibrating toothbrush all over her excited clit!

Very fun to watch!

Lil Candy makes these kinds of videos. She is just an everyday girl next door that decided to explore her curiosity on the Internet. You could say she is quite the exhibitionist!

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