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The Allure of Sexy CA Girls

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California’s always been the golden state as far as American imagination goes. There’s something distinctive about California that draws the best and the brightest from the rest of the 50 American states. The reasons are actually pretty easy to see. First, you look at the San Francisco Bay area and the Gold Rush. There’s something about the Gold Rush that really brings out the best in people. You know, when people hear there’s gold in California, they basically drop whatever they’re doing and just rush to California to seek their fortunes.

These are people who are driven. These are people who are ambitious and they’re looking to create new worlds and new lives. This makes for a very dynamic and forward-driven society. Similarly, in Southern California, there’s the movie industry. Hollywood is all about recreating reality. It’s all about talent. Hollywood doesn’t care who your parents are. It doesn’t care which class you come from or which part of the world you come from. All it cares about is whether you can tell a good story or whether you can act, direct, or otherwise participate in the moviemaking industry.

There is this focus on drive, ambition, and the ability to turn dreams into reality that makes California distinctive and a lot of that appeal is transformed into the distinctive allure of sexy CA girls. Make no mistake about it, the whole popular preoccupation with the California girl is rooted in all sorts of cultural perceptions and historical realities that the rest of America has about California. It truly is the Golden State. It is a gateway to a future that the rest of America would like to be a part of.

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