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Cindy Cupcakes

I know what you are thinking. Who is this bitch and like the world needs another brace faced, small tits, barely legal teen. Come on… Sparta!

But seriously, the world DOES need another teen wearing braces with small tits and barely legal looks. And you now what they say, build it and they will cum!

Cindy Cupcakes is her name and making guys hard is her game. Cindy noticed early on that guys seemed to enjoy her barely legal looks. Men would whistle at her as she walked home from school. Her next door neighbor always seemed to be doing yard work when ever she was lying out by the pool in her skimpy bikini. She doesn’t mind all of the attention. In fact, it turns her on to know she has that kind of effect on guys. Even older ones!

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Misty Gates

One of my favorite ex-girlfriends from high school was a little brunette hottie we shall call Misty Gates. My real ex had a different name, but I am sure she doesn’t want me to print it here.

Misty always seemed a bit on edge when we first started dating. Always complaining about how hot her house was when we arrived at her house after school. It was a little warm in her house, but to say it was hot was stretching it a bit. I realized this meant she had something cooking in her little brain and took the bait.

I told her if she would feel more comfortable with less clothing on, by all means, take it off! She was hesitant because she didn’t want me to get the idea this meant she was a slut or something. Or that we were instantly going to have sex because she was showing skin. I assured her I could handle it.

Misty informed me that when she would get home before we started dating, she would take off all of her clothes and felt more comfortable in her bra and panties. Then before her mom got home from work, she’d put her clothes back on.

Once Misty had removed her clothes I was having a hard time keeping my boner in check. Just knowing she was next to naked was enough that I didn’t even have to look at her for my cock to spring to life. Keeping my word was going to be hard. No pun intended.

Misty laid on the couch sideways with her legs over mine. I kept having to remind myself not to peek at her panties. “Don’t look like a pervert and just act natural,” I kept on telling myself. The only problem was, I didn’t naturally sit on the couch with scantily clad high school girls laying over me!

“This isn’t fair,” Misty said. It caught me by surprise and I glanced at her as if to ask her what she was talking about.

“You have all of your clothes on and I only have my bra and panties. That isn’t fair. Maybe I want to see you in your underwear too!”

“But I’m not seeing you in your underwear. I am watching TV.” I said.

“Yeah, but then you keep peeking at my panties and that makes it not fair.” Misty sprung to her feet and pulled me up off the couch by my hand. “Time for you to lose some clothing, Mister!”

Before I knew it Misty had yanked on my button fly jeans and they were falling to the floor. Next I felt my shirt being pulled up over my head. I lifted my arms up and in only a few seconds I was in the same boat as Misty Gates.

“Uh oh, looks like I am not the only one that is getting excited,” Misty said as she pointed at my boxers and held her other hand to her smiling mouth.

I looked down and noticed a wet spot had formed from my precum. Shit. How fucking embarrassing!

“Sit back down,” she commanded.

I sat down and she law across me again. This time she sat up a bit higher. Her feet were right on my boner.

Misty kept finding innocent reasons to move her feet or reposition them. Soon my cock was responding. Then her toes found the shaft and she stroked it slowly, going back and forth. She kept her eyes on the TV and tried to make it seem so innocent. Like she didn’t realize she was stroking me off.

“Sometimes I also take off my bra.” Again, Misty was Princess of the Random.

“Oh. OK. Well, you can do that too.”

“Thank you,” Misty replied while removing her bra and tossing it to the floor.

I took a good look and then turned back towards the TV. Now my cock was pitching a serious big-top circus tent with my underwear. I could sense Misty still looking at me. I leaned back a bit to bring her face into my peripheral vision and sure enough, she was. I felt her foot move towards my cock again. This time it made it inside the front panel hole and her warm toe was now touching my naked member.

Prior to this I had a few encounters with girls. Tons of handjobs, a few mouthjobs and I even laid a few, but up to this point I hadn’t received a footjob before. I didn’t know what to expect or even if she would continue!

As she got closer to the tip of my cock she lined the hole up with the head and released it from its confines. Now she brought both feet together and stroked up and down the shaft. Her first stroke released a torrent of precum that lubed up the rest of the footjob nicely.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Misty asked.

“That feels good,” I replied and moved my hand to her thigh. Misty opened her legs up and I could see a lot of wetness on her panties. I reached out and pulled them to the side. She had shaved her pussy bare. It looked so soft and inviting. I wanted to taste it bad, but I also wanted to put a notch on the bed that said, “Footjob: Check”.

I took some wetness from her vulva and brought it up to her clit. She oowed and awwed as I ran my finger over its hard surface. Misty had gotten a pillow and propped up her head more so she could see my cock better and kind of settled in letting me know we had a deal. I would rub her to orgasm and she’d give me my first footjob.

As she got more and more worked up she began rubbing her nipples. This made my dick super hard. Good thing too, because she kind of got embarrassed at showing me she liked rubbing her own nipples. Now that she knew it turned me on, she really went to town on them. It was then that I realized she liked having rough sex. Biting the nipples, hard fucking, etc…

My pace on her clit quickened as I felt my own need to cum. I wanted us to cum at the same time and timed it perfectly. Right as her first wave of orgasm rolled over her my cock launched some sticky goo up into the air. It reversed trajectory and landed right back where it started. This made things very wet and smooth allowing her to foot-jerk my cock dry.

Once done we both giggled. Her mom would be home soon so it was time to get cleaned up. I had to leave my underwear there and she swore she would clean them without her mom knowing. I hoped she was right.

Misty Gates has an unbelievable barely legal look. Her small tits and long limbs make it easy to relive your past. You can make up plenty of new fantasies and watch her and her friends get naughty during sleepovers.

Online since July, 2007, is full of content. If you think she looks barely legal now, wait until you see her archived stuff from 2007 and 2008. Misty is still active on her site and updates regularly. You can catch her on her cam shows, Wednesday and Sunday nights!

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