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Puffy Little Pussy


This girl has one heck of a puffy little pussy. She likes to shave it bare so it is super soft and fun to rub on things. Preferably on your cock!

Yes, she is peeing. Girls do strange things for their boyfriends when they are in the moment. This girl never imagined she would eventually end up on the Internet. She thought she would do some web cam stuff for her lover and that would be that. Wrong!

You can’t have such an exquisite example of a little puffy pussy and not think the video is going to get around. Lucky for us her boyfriend was recording her (she didn’t even know he could do that!) and then he uploaded the video to Girlfriend Orgasms!

They take submissions from guys that post from all over the world. Some of this stuff is pretty raw… like a girl peeing! Some girls finger their tight little pussies until they cum and others like to stick things inside their pussies – like a toy shovel!


Look at how red her pussy is. She is ultra horny sticking her little brother’s shovel in her pussy. She would have to be! What kind of sister does things like this with her brother’s toys? I want one!!!


At least she cleaned the darned thing off before she gave it back to him!

You aren’t going to find better raw footage of Girlfriend Orgasms then you will on this site. Everything is shot by amateurs and a lot of it is very candid. Sometimes the girls don’t even know their boyfriend is filming them! Thank God for cell phones with 720p video cameras on them right?!?!

Take the Girlfriend Orgasms tour and see if any girls you know have an ex-boyfriend that kissed and told!

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