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Ariel Rebel – Barely Legal

If I told you that the girl in the above photograph was in her twenties would you believe me? Her name is Ariel Rebel and she has a “condition” that has been keeping her looking barely legal for the past six years. Of course six years ago she looked less than barely legal, Ariel was the spitting image of jailbait back then.

You can watch Ariel “grow up” on her official site There she gets naked and masturbates for you. She still dresses in the same print panties and A-Cup bra she wore back in high school. She doesn’t mind that most guys like to think of her as barely legal. She is flattered she can still pull it off (in more ways then one).

Ariel Rebel updates weekly with new picture sets and a video. She has her own comic strip and plenty of extras. The videos are shot in high definition and are encoded in four different formats. Whether you prefer watching them on your computer, your laptop, your iPod, your cell phone or a MAC, Ariel has a video file for you!

The pictures are Ariel Rebel come in three formats: Large (1024px), Extra Large (1440px) and Gi-mother-fucking-gantic (1680px). She updates the picture sets two to three times a week. Ariel is a tease extraordinaire. She has tons of panty pics, feet pics and nude pics for your viewing pleasure.

With six years of modeling experience under her belt Ariel Rebel has a ton of content just waiting for you. Like I said, you get to see her go from jailbait to barely legal and I have to say, it is hard to tell the difference!

Joon Mali – Bubble Butt & Barely Legal

joon-mali-masturbating joon-mali-bubble-butt

I haven’t done an Asian girl yet. You can take that to mean on this blog or in real life. I hope to change the real life context, but I am in a committed relationship at this time. So instead I am going to write about a barely legal Asian babe with a cute bubble butt.

Joon Mali has many things going for her. With her petite frame and her Thai heritage she will look barely legal until she is in her thirties. Sure, it sucks when you get carded everywhere you go, but it is also nice to look as sexy as she does almost until the day you die.

Along with her trademark bubble butt this Thai teen is also well known for her  Joon Mali camel toes. It seems Joon’s pussy is hungry for wet bikinis and what ever flavor of panty she happens to be wearing from day to day.

At you get access to all of her videos and pictures, plus the updates. She keeps a diary and uploads candid photos from her personal life. Joon is bisexual so she often has friends come over and play girl on girl games with her.

If you want a Thai teen willing to do more than just pose naked, Joon Mali more than fits the bill. And don’t forget about that barely legal bubble butt!

GFS Movies – Masturbation Videos

Does your kinky girlfriend send you videos like this? Mind doesn’t and I don’t let that get in the way of our relationship. Instead of getting mad at her or pressuring her to send me amateur masturbation videos, I just login to GFS Movies and watch everyone else’s girlfriends masturbate!

The nice part about is that I get variety. If you said, yes, my girlfriend does send me those videos it will get old after a while. It is natural to look at more than just one girl. GFS Movies is where you are going to get to do that.

GFS Movies takes submissions from the general public and showcases them in the members area. Most of the photosets of individual chicks have multiple photos. Many girls become addicted and keep sending in their stuff. I guess having a fan base can be pretty cool!

Grab a pass and see what your next door neighbor is sending in!

Her Freshman Year


Being a freshman in college can be grueling. You have to balance a new schedule and a new place with an increasingly hectic social life. One of the ways the upperclassmen are helping these young hotties deal with college life is by taking their stress away through sex.

Sure, we have all heard of the women that complain about headaches and try to use them as an excuse to not have sex. In reality, sex helps increase the blood flow to the brain and reduce arterial inflammation. I know… These are a lot of big words, but hey, this is college remember?

So where was I? Oh yeah… So Her Freshman Year chronicles what goes on behind closed doors once your little girl goes to college. Strike that. Make it, once your neighbors daughter goes to college. It sounds less creepy!

Her Freshman Year adds a new episode every week and already has a ton of barely legal girls like Ashlyn Rae taking cock for your enjoyment right now. As a member you get access to a network of teen porn. They even have Latinas and big tits so you won’t get bored with looking at the same niche all of the time.

Grab your own Her Freshman Year pass and save a bundle on tuition!

Teen Topanga


One of my favorite barely legal teens in the Tiny Teen Pass network is Teen Topanga. She started in porn a few years ago and has been updating her site ever since.

There are dozens of video and picture galleries of Topanga and her friends for you to download. The best part is that since she is part of the Tiny Teen Pass network you also get access to her many friends like Little Summer, Trixie Teen, Chloe 18 and more. She does a lot of lesbian videos with Little Summer. Those are my personal favorites!

Take the tour at and I am sure you will see why I love this girl so much.

Alice Wonderbang – Barely Legal to the Max!

When it comes to being just over jailbait, nobody does it like Alice Wonderbang. She looks like she can’t even legally drive a car yet. Much less fuck consensually!

Alice has small tits and a very tight body. The kind you normally find in the freshman side of the pool.

At Alice Wonderbang you are treated to dozens of videos and hundreds of picture sets of this blonde cutie doing everything from softcore posing like the gallery above to hardcore sex with boys and other girls.

Being young Alice can fuck three times a day. This allows her to update her site on a daily basis. If you like lots of porn Alice Wonderbang is your new best friend!

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