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Lil Candy So Fucking Barely Legal It Hurts!


I swear… It is like you are sitting in front of a girl from middle school! How is it even possible that this chick is barely legal? Her boobs are like little mosquito bites! Her body is like jailbait! And yet you can enjoy this girl without the police busting down your door!

This girl is so fucking barely legal it hurts!

I mean it really hurts! I don’t know about you, but my cock is throbbing for a chance to penetrate her barely legal pussy! Suck on those little boobs of hers. They are so fucking small you can’t even cup them!

Lil Candy is a dream come true in the world of young porn. She updates her site weekly and her videos are shot POV style most of the time so it is like you are plunging your cock down her hungry little throat!

Take the tour and I’ll see you in the members area!

Young Porn @ Virgin Off


Back in the day I had this girl I used to play games with after school. Both of her parents worked so we had from 3 o’clock to about 5 o’clock to do whatever we wished!

She had this thing for nudity. Once we got home she removed all of her clothes and sometimes she even started removing them on the walk home. She would time it so she was pulling off her blouse right as she walked in the door. Her boobs weren’t the biggest, but they were naked and back then, that was all a guy needed to dream!

Sometimes this girl would try on her moms thong panties. Her mom had a tight figure too and even if they were a size too large, she just pulled the sides up real high. Once naked she liked to put on knee high socks and sometimes she put on her shoes. It was kind of kookie and reminded me of Pippi Longstocking. I probably watched that move way more times than it was worth because of this chick!

Anyway… we often had sex with our socks and shoes on. I still prefer to leave me socks on to this day. We did just about everything except for having intercourse. Masturbation races, blowjobs, cunnilingus, makeout sessions… lots of fun stuff!

When it comes to young porn nobody beats Virgin Off. They have five girls exploring their sexuality and they often practice kissing wearing nothing but clingy panties. So fucking erotic! If you ever wondered what went on behind your sister’s closed door during sleepover nights, now you know!

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