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Old –n- Young

Today I will focus your attention to a website that deals with a subject near and dear to my heart, teens having sex with older men. I am looking at the pic above and I am thinking, “Holy shit. What a lucky motherfucker!”

Old-n-Young is totally devoted to videos of barely legal teens having sex with older men. If you are like me and have a head of gray hair you know what it is like to dream of fucking hot teens. This site is a great escape from boredom. At Old-n-Young there is never a dull moment!

The site is updated weekly and already there are over 200 episodes. As a member of Old-n-Young you get access to the Teen Mega World network of twenty-five sites. Ninety-five percent of which focus on teen girls. Two of the sites deal with teen girls masturbating. The others are a mixture of teen sex and teen group sex.

This network was made for perverts like you and I.

Sissies need not apply!

Small Tits and Cofi Milan

Back when I was in school all of my friends used to think I was nuts. While they chased the babes with the biggest tits I focus on the bigger niches. I primarily dated girls with small tits like Cofi Milan above.

Early on I figured something out. You can get more bees with honey than you can with vinegar. Think about it. I am telling my A-Cup totally self-conscious girlfriend she is exceptionally beautiful. Her small tits totally fit her frame. Don’t worry about it sweetheart, you will grow to large B’s. It will happen. Enjoy not having to wear a bra while you still can!

What do you think this got me? Laid like a mother fucker!

You see, while I am playing to girls insecurities this way the jocks and everyone else is going in the opposite direction. That means even though the girls are throwing themselves at these studs, there is a protective circle of jealousy hanging around them at all times. Chicks are literally sharing me with there girlfriends knowing I can give a girl that boost she needs. These guys have the song leader on the cheerleading squad literally beating the crap out of anyone that makes eye contact.

Sure, it would have been nice to have girls fighting over me, but I much preferred having them bring a girlfriend to bed with us. You know… to cheer her up.

All of that experience in bed added up. I developed quite a few techniques and I also developed the ability to hold off until she cums multiple times. This became legendary. While Gary the quarterback is premature-ejaculating, I am giving girls multiples. Word gets around fast!

Cofi Milan likes to share her girlfriends too. Many of her videos and picture sets feature her with other girls. Not only that, she also gives you access to all of her girlfriend’s sites!

Full solo model sites just like Cofi’s. You get girls like Holli Paige, Stacey Stylez, Sandy Fair, Amy Days and multi-model sites like Girly Bus and Crazy Putas.

Grab a pass and have some solo girl fun tonight!

Chubby Teens at Young Fatties


Someone did a search for chubby teens. I looked around and finding a solo model that is chubby is fucking harder than hell so I settled on Young Fatties.

I can certainly see why, with some of the girls anyway, someone would look for chubby teens. The extra pounds kind of look like baby fat and some of the girls actually do have a younger look. Some of the others though should be taken out to pasture and shot. Then left there.

Back in high school I dated a girl that was a bit chunky. The other guys passed over her solely on her weight. I was smarter than that. I banged the shit out of her big horny ass. She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t small either. She was an animal in the sack though!

Young Fatties has it all if you are into girls with a little extra oomph. They do have a few undeniable hotties and many girl next doors you wouldn’t kick out of bed. Not even in the morning. Hey, if she is this big chances are she can cook you a kickass omelet for breakfast.

The chubby teen videos are both softcore masturbation and hardcore blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, fuckjobs and more. There are over 200 videos of 250 models. So some of the girls pull a three on one or a girl on girl only scene or two.

Young Fatties can even hook you up with a sex depraved girl. They have a dating service and host video chat!

They update twice a week and everything can be either streamed or downloaded in a variety of formats. Unless you are a petites only, this site is definitely worth checking out.

Little Bree – What a Surprise!


So you spend the night at your buddies house. He has a little sister living with him and she is one hot little number. Strange because your buddy looks like such a fucking ogre. Life is funny like that! Hey, better him than you right?

Anyway… After a night of catching up and tons of drinking you pass out on the couch. The entire night you keep catching his little sister Bree spying on you. I guess you could say the high point of the night was when she went for a swim. Her small tits and tight little fanny looked so hot in her bathing suit. Too bad your buddy wouldn’t catch your hints about joining her.

When she came back into the house her hard nipples were pressing on the thin fabric of her bathing suit top. Her bottoms clung tightly to her shaved pussy lips creating the most delicious looking camel toe you had ever seen! But that was last night.

You wake up in the morning and find your tooth brush in your luggage and proceed to the downstairs bathroom to freshen up. After spending some time washing your mug you begin to wonder, where in the fuck is your friend?

Exiting that bathroom you are surprised to find the most amazing sight on the stairs. It is Little Bree. She is staring at you with her pajamas pulled down. The sight of her smooth beaver causes your heart to skip a beat.

Now you are really concerned with where your friend went. You glance at the spot he leaves his keys on the counter and then your eyes dart to the front window as you lean a bit looking for his car in the driveway.

“He isn’t here.” Little Bree informs you.

You ask, “Where did he go?”

She says, “Who cares?”

With that she gestures for you to sit on the couch. Your mind still reeling you comply with her order. Little Bree straddles your thighs. She pulls of her shirt. Totally naked Bree takes your hands and places them on her small tits.

While you feel her hardened nipples under your palms and lightly grope her boobs she tells you she could see the hunger you had for her. She informs you that she felt the same thing for you. She is tired of being cooped up in her brother’s house until college starts in the Fall. She needs a release once in a while and you are just the sort of release she needs.

So far so good huh? It gets better!

“Do you ever touch yourself when you think about girls?”

You look up at her slightly numb in the head and slightly embarrassed by her question. Of course you masturbate. You are a male! You wonder if you are supposed to answer her truthfully or not.

“I thought about you last night.” With that Little Bree begins to finger herself. Your dick goes instantly hard as a rock and she feels it pushing on her naked thigh. She smiles at the new found friend.

“Looks like you are horny too. Can I see it?”

“Sure.” Oh sure… Now you’ve found your voice?

With that Bree opens your fly and starts reaching around trying to figure out how she is going to get your big cock out of this small hole. After some moderately painful pulling and tugging she finds a way to spring your cock loose.

“It sure is big!”


“Can I kiss it?”

If you thought your cock was extremely hard before it just went two or three more notches up the hardness ladder. Now it is actually quite painful!

“OK,” is all you can manage to spit out in your excitement.

Little Bree kneels down on the floor in front of you and gently tugs on your prick. Precum is running down the head and flowing over her little fingers. She bends down and licks your juice off of her hand. She looks up at you as if to ask, “Are you sure you are OK with this?”

Your smile reassures her that it is time to commence operation Smoke Cock. Her soft warm lips almost send you over the edge. WTF? You have never been one to prematurely cum?!?! You fight the urge to explode your load into her mouth and look like a chump.

After several minutes of her mouth working the head of your cock and her hand working the shaft you cannot possibly hold back for even another second. You pull her head off of your cock and Bree looks a bit surprised. Then she smiles.

“Do you need to cum?” She asks still jerking your rock hard cock.

“Ohhhh Yeahhh!” you exclaim.

“It’s OK. You can cum in my mouth. I’m a big girl.”

You chuckle at that. A big girl? Shit, this babe is just about as barely legal as it gets and she wants to front like she is a big girl? Hey, whatever… She is going to drink your sperm. This isn’t the time to put her in her place.

Bree increases the speed of her stroke and rolls her tongue over the head of your cock. You feel your balls tighten and your cock harden. Your jizz shoots into her mouth. Unlike most of the girls you’ve giving a mouth full of cum to Lil Bree takes it like a porn star.

Holy shit! Maybe she is a big girl… at heart!

You expect Bree to go hunting for a towel or a trash can she can spit your load into, but she just keeps licking and sucking on your cock! Holding it, gripping it, tugging it. This girl really knows her stuff… and she swallowed your cum!

She gets back on your lap and places her small boobs in front of you.

“Your turn to taste.”

You eagerly latch onto a nipple and roll your tongue over it. She moans in your ear, “Rub my pussy too!”

You’ve never been one that needed asking twice when it came to this command. Her pussy is so smooth she was either born with some genetic mutation or she just waxed it. Her pussy lips are slick with her juice. You collect some on your finger tip and roll that finger over her clit for a while. Timing the finger on her clit with your tongue on her nipple.

Suddenly Little Bree bounces up. She leans against the couch so that her knees are on either side of your neck. Tilting your head back you are pleased to find one of the smoothest of smooth pussies waiting for you to eat. Her pussy is so smooth you wonder what is softer, your tongue or her pussy?

Bree thrusts her pelvis forward and you latch onto her clit like you did her nipples earlier. Her legs shudder and she almost falls backwards. You grab her by her tiny hinny and steady her, pushing her towards the wall behind the couch.

With one of your fingers you test the tightness of Bree’s pussy. You can’t believe it. Getting one finger into her pussy is easy with all of the juice but two just won’t fit without some work. You can feel her trying to edge her pussy closer and closer to getting your fingers inside. With a pop they go in and she lets out a loud moan.

Seconds later Little Bree is doubling over your head as an orgasm shoots over her little body. Her pussy is so tight on your fingers your knuckles hurt as they are smashed into each other. Jesus, this girl has a tight pussy!

Little Bree makes fantasies like this a reality. If only for a moment. The nice thing is you can download all of her content and watch it anytime you want to. There are no digital rights management so even if you cancel you are covered!

Give Little Bree a try!

Nubiles Chastity

Chastity is one of the best Nubiles girls you will ever lay your eyes upon. Her small tits and petite body give her a youthful appearance. Combined with her rambunctious attitude she is a barely legal lovers dream come true. A girl you have to try hard to keep up with!

It is ironic that her name is Chastity since she is one of the hardcore models at Originally Nubiles was started as a softcore site and has since opened itself up quite a bit. Each week three new girls are added and at least one of those girls does hardcore. Since each girl does several picture sets and videos you get daily updates.

There are currently over 630 models at Nubiles and each one of them is unique in her own little way. While there are many more barely legal models at Nubiles, Chastity has her own charm, her own youthful appearance and her own way of masturbation. You will have to become a member to see it.

Finding all of the other barely legal models at Nubiles is super easy. Each of the picture sets and videos is keyword tagged and you can search for multiple criteria at the same time. So say you wanted barely legal girls with small tits doing hardcore, you’d have Chastity and dozens of her friends waiting for you to watch their videos!

As a member of Nubiles you can also talk to the models in the forums. The girls frequent the forums and with so many models you never know who is popping in… Unless you private message a time to meet!

X-Art – Hardcore Artistic Nudes?


Tell me that picture doesn’t excite the hell out of you!

It used to be that artistic nude sites had one major drawback. They didn’t do any hardcore! Eventually some of them introduced glass dildos into the mix but that just isn’t the same as watching a barely legal girl like Chloe take a hard cock in her tight little pussy.

X-Art is looking to change all of that. Sure, they do have the softcore stuff artistic nude sites grew up on, but they also feature hardcore galleries no one else has.

Picture sets are shot in 4000 pixel resolution so you can really get close to those virgin looking pussies. Most of the girls feature small tits and a few have larger ones. Any barely legal fan will find X-Art to be in their liking. With updates every three to four days and a $19.95 price you can’t go wrong with X-Art.

Michelle Lynn – Leotard Porn

So some horny mother fucker (not that this is a bad thing) was searching for leotards here at Young Fiesta. One of the ways I decide on what to write about next is to check what people are searching for.

This guy is a serious pervert (again, not necessarily a bad thing). It is pretty obvious when looking at the picture of Michelle Lynn above why he wants to look at leotard pics. Extreme fucking camel toe!

Chicks that wear leotards usually shave their beavers bald otherwise you end up with a bump that looks like you are padding your vagina with more wadding then you are using in your bra. And of course some girls just don’t have enough hair to shave in the first place. Lucky girls.

Michelle Lynn loves to wear all of the things you like to see girls wearing. Just about everything she wears sucks into her smooth pussy creating some of the best camel toe pics and videos you will ever see. She never sits right so her crossed legs show her panties in that night shirt or what ever else she is wearing. I true perverts dream!

In addition to giving you some serious camel toe porn Michelle Lynn also has small tits and braces to complete the barely legal look you crave. updates every three to four days and includes membership to Amateur Upskirts, an extremely hot, panty site!

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