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Nubile Teen Masturbating In Bed


In this delectable gallery from a sexy young model clad in a leopard print bra and thong set writes a note in her diary about her dreamy English teacher from school. The bra and panty set was purchased for her by her teacher as was a dildo picked out because it was the same size as his cock. He told Henessy that if she could fit that dildo all the way inside her little pussy he would give her a special night away from her parents. Henessy had recently turned 18 years old, but her parents were still treating her like she was a child.


Along with the lingerie and the dildo her teacher gave her a naughty story he wrote especially for her eyes only. In it he wrote down how he would touch her, and lick her, and fuck her young body. He went on about unlocking her womanhood for her. Showing her how adults had sex.

She couldn’t resist touching herself in ways he suggested in his story. She imagined his mouth on her nipple. His hand disappearing inside her panties. She imagined him finger fucking her while they kissed passionately.


At the end of the story he told her how he was going to enter her from behind. How he would grip her hips tightly and pull her back onto his cock. He wanted her to fuck him hard. Even if it hurt. When she plunged the big fat dildo into herself she felt it hit her cervix. The pressure against the walls of her pussy was immense. She had never had anything that big inside herself before.

Henessy wanted so badly to fuck her teacher that she pressed on through the pain. Her little hand gripped the bed sheets as she buried the dildo deep inside her young pussy. Suddenly her body began to get warm and her skin started to perspire. Without warning she came so hard she peed a little bit. She fell into her sheets and rolled over onto her back moaning and breathing heavy. Henessy had made herself cum without rubbing her clit for the first time in her life. She couldn’t wait to do it with her teacher on their special night.

10 is filled with teen girls experimenting with their sexuality. Members can talk to the models in the members forum. Some girls will even do private messages if you ask nicely. Experience something truly out of this world with a nubile teen you never thought you’d have a chance with!

Club Seventeen Video


Everyone knows the cutest and freshest teens come from places like Sweden, Finland and Norway. Club Seventeen has made a fortune bringing you these kinds of beauties. What you might not know is that they have been branching out from their magazine format and now have a video site aptly named Seventeen Video!

There are already over 2000 videos in their teen catalog and they update daily! You can stream the videos in three different formats depending on the speed of your internet connection. Seventeen Video often has the girls doing live web cams too. Imagine directing this little heart stopper. To get things going we have lined up a Club Seventeen discount to save you 79% instantly.

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Alice Wonderbang – Teen Masturbation

Someone searched for Alice Wonderbang and I noticed she shot for Nubiles as Elisa. I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising since they have over 700 models and add three more each week. Odds are they have just about everyone you ever wanted!

Alice Wonderbang does hardcore at Nubiles which is a pleasant surprise. When first opened it was softcore only. Now at least one of the nubile teens added each week goes all the way!

Sophie Ellison

Don’t have some cute, fresh, young teen to cuddle up with at night that wants to show you the goods and put on a show for you? No problem, I have just what you need and her name is Sophie Ellison.

Never heard of her? Don’t worry, you aren’t hiding in a cave and your online buddies haven’t let you down. In fact, this just might be your chance to let them in on something hot!

Sophie Ellison is brand new to the Net and she is ready to please you. Her fresh face, small tits and juvenile looking body makes for a sweet piece of eye candy.

This little cutie hasn’t had her cherry popped by a guy yet, but she has been practicing for the big day. Who knows, maybe you can charm her? Until then you can enjoy several updates a week. She loves to masturbating with a vibrator and pretend she is with you!

Members also get access to her friends sites: Young Jessica and Play With Alicia. Three great reasons to try Sophie Ellison on for size!

8Teenies Pass

Ever wanted to see what girls do when they go to bed? The 8Teenies Pass gives you exclusive access to do that and more!

Over five years ago a site opened up with one idea. To show perverts like us the world’s finest barely legal girls. started on a shoestring budget and quickly grew into a powerhouse of porn. Over the years certain girls stood out over others and many solo sites were spawned including Flexi Becky. More years later and it was time to branch out into hardcore with several more solo sites and some more multi-model sites too!

Just about the only bummer was you had to join them seperately. Now they have smartened up and joined the waved of consolidation. Grab an 8Teenies Pass and enjoy eight sites with multiple daily updates.

Lil Maya

You know… I wasn’t until I was out of high school that I finally learned most girls don’t masturbate their pussies by inserting their fingers. Once I knew they mostly just rubbed their clits I was like… Wow… Just fucking shoot me!

Lil Maya does both and then some. She likes to stick all sorts of things into her pussy and pretend it is one of her fans. Her tender teen pussy makes her look like total jailbait!

You can join for only a buck and watch her diddling herself.

Or… For that same buck you can get a Tiny Teen Pass and watch Lil Maya and fourteen of her barely legal friends rubbing their pussies, licking each other and fucking their boyfriends!

Grab the only pass with fifteen smoking hot solo models and enjoy Teen Topanga, Little Lupe, /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree, Tiny Tyler, Kacey 18 and more. Fans of barely legal teens will find the Tiny Teen Pass exactly what they have been waiting for!

Riley Rebel

As far as being a pervert goes, I think I grew up during a great period in history. Parents were lax about hawk-eyeing their kids after having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s. They wanted to appear cool and let their kids grow unhindered by the chains parents can sometimes place on their children.

It was because of this lax attitude that I ended up having sex my first time with my neighbor. Her mom and dad worked and they didn’t mind if I came over to “study” with her. Once we finished our math and English homework we moved into medicine… You know… Playing doctor.

Thinking back, it was kinda nutty. We were both in high school and still playing doctor!

Anyhow… Our games usually consisted of me groping her small tits and taking her vitals by inserting a magic marker into her vagina. She rubbed my swollen glands and eventually this morphed into sucking the poison out of it.

Over time we became more daring and eventually she let me fuck her. Then one day I let myself in her house and went to her room. I was a bit earlier than usual and when I opened her bedroom door I found her with her hand in her pantyhose. She had her eyes closed and her hand was feverishly masturbating her vagina.

Instead of bothering her or making her feel uncomfortable I closed the door to only a crack and watched. It didn’t take long before I felt the need to do the same thing and without her knowing it, we came together. My cum hit the hallway wall and I headed for the bathroom. Luckily I was able to get some tissue, clean my mess up and get out the front door before she realized I was there.

Riley Rebel reminds me so much of my neighbor. As time went on my neighbor got kinkier and kinkier. She was my first everything including anal. God did she ever love anal. Why? Beats me… But damn it felt good!

As a member of Riley Rebel you get access to her friends as well. This is one pass you don’t want to pass up!

GFS Movies – Masturbation Videos

Does your kinky girlfriend send you videos like this? Mind doesn’t and I don’t let that get in the way of our relationship. Instead of getting mad at her or pressuring her to send me amateur masturbation videos, I just login to GFS Movies and watch everyone else’s girlfriends masturbate!

The nice part about is that I get variety. If you said, yes, my girlfriend does send me those videos it will get old after a while. It is natural to look at more than just one girl. GFS Movies is where you are going to get to do that.

GFS Movies takes submissions from the general public and showcases them in the members area. Most of the photosets of individual chicks have multiple photos. Many girls become addicted and keep sending in their stuff. I guess having a fan base can be pretty cool!

Grab a pass and see what your next door neighbor is sending in!

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