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Footjob Fantasy With The Girl Next Door


More and more each day I am finding myself becoming a fan of homemade porn. I am not going to lie. I have joined my fare share of footjob and feet fetish sites. One thing I never really liked is that the girls try way to hard to act like they are porn stars. When I go to those kinds of sites porn stars are what I am trying to steer clear of. I want pure amateur. From the girl to the lack of script. I want to see what real girls do!

I stumbled upon this amazing foot massage video at a place I have been frequenting a lot lately. In it the girl is amateur and she acts like a real girl would. She does try to act like a porn star with her somewhat corny dialogue, but that is exactly what I want. A girl trying to turn her man on not realizing he wants her to just act natural. Because she is not a porn star it works.

While in college I used to have a girl that liked to massage oil into her feet for me. She had the cutest little feet and sexy legs. This girl would often wear somewhat see through panties to really tease me. After several minutes of torture she would unleash those feet of hers on my hardon. It would only take a few minutes for me to cum. Then it was time to lick her pussy. God she had a great pussy too!

Get your daily dosage of porn medicine from a site with real girls!

Ariel Rebel – Permission to Land

– Tower, this is Rough Rider 1. We have a bad case of the blue balls on board and desperately need permission to land!

– Rough Rider 1, this is Ariel Rebel. Permission granted!

I don’t think I have ever seen a more inviting place to put my cock, have you? Hell no! Ariel Rebel and her pink, flower petal folds would ensure you never have a bad case of the blue balls again. Not only does she have an inviting pussy, Ariel’s entire body is inviting!

From her piercing eyes all the way down to her sexy feet, Ariel Rebel is a sight for soar eyes. Her small tits are still straining to move up from a training bra to an A-Cup. Her cute butt could turn a lazy pacifist into a determined spanker!

Ariel has a huge collection of videos and pics in her members area. On top of that she also gives you access to all of her friends. This is one deal you won’t want to pass up, especially if this network is brand new to you. If this is the case, may I suggest that you buy a new external hard drive? You are going to need it!

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