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Every girl gets curious at some point. Part of me wonders if that is what full length mirrors are for. Why else would you need a mirror that low to the ground?

Along with getting curious about the outside of her pussy, every girl has some curiosity about the inside of her pussy too. Like, how deep does it go? How wide of an object can it accommodate? To answer these kinds of questions there is only one way to find out.

This brunette hottie from Solo Teen Girls is going to find out the answers to these questions by shoving her brothers toy carrot into her pussy. The next time he puts that thing into his mouth he is going to wonder where in the fuck its been!

Solo Teen Girls gives a girl a video camera and lets them run these kinds of experiments by themselves. Then they collect the footage and create some still images for the picture galleries. What you are left with is some raw footage of a girl masturbating on video for her first time with the knowledge that you will be masturbating at home right along with her!

We are not talking about some joke $200 camera either. The girls have access to a thousands of dollars high definition camera. You get some pretty up close and personal footage of these girls!

Solo Teen Girls is part of the Teen Mega World network. You get access to 12 of their exclusively shot sites like Solo Teen Girls plus, you also get access to their 12 licensed content sites like Hard College Video. If you like barely legal teens you will want to give this tour a whirl!

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