Little Summer and Friends


Only a year or two ago these three were jailbait. The sixteen (year olds) will get you twenty (years in jail) rule applied. Not anymore!  Like most girls her age Little Summer is rip roaring and ready to experiment with sex and what feels good to her. Since she is already aware of how her own body works it is only natural that she decided to experiment with her girlfriends first!

The Little Summer lesbian pool party video below is going to knock your socks off!


Since the dawn of time boys have been treated to sites like these when they don’t heed their sisters rules about knocking on the door before entering. Imagine being Summer’s step brother… Yeah, I know it is creepy, but you wouldn’t mind it would you?


OK, so lets pretend you are the neighbor with a second story window and Little Summer doesn’t realize that UV tint allows you to see out while others can’t see in. I bet you’d have a web cam fixed on that window sill with a setting to record whenever there is 8% change in the frame. Sure, it catches a few gusting trees or lapping waves now and then, but when the girls are at play? It captures every lick, every inch of their bodies and every orgasm! Even when Summer is alone!


You and Little Summer aren’t much different actually. She has a little big of pent up frustration and that is why she does this site. She can’t get enough sex and that sends her into sexual overdrive. She likes it when her fans cum at the same time she does.


Summer’s friends work the video camera for her. Sometimes they get so horny watching her they have to get  a taste themselves. In this video her friend got so horny Summer licked her pussy for her. Nice point of view style pussy licking right there!


Time for your Little Summer lesbian pool party video!

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