Selina 18 : First Look At The New Boobs

It happens to all of us at some point. You have a girl you have your eye on in school and you never pull the trigger. Summer comes and you realize you don’t even have her number! Will she even know who you are when schools back in session come fall?

When classes start in September you prowl the school looking for your friend, but you can’t find her. Did she move? Oh, God, how could you be so stupid, you should have gotten her number!

You round a corner and bump head on into a girl. Your lightning quick pervert reflexes slow time to a crawl. It is only a girl bumping into you, but your cock feels her tender, soft boobs press into your arm and chest. You look down and you don’t even recognize her. It’s your friend!

She smiles like she knows you and asked how you’ve been. You back peddle in your mind trying to put a name to the face. Where’d you see this hottie before? Why can’t you remember? Then all at once you get it. She is wearing makeup. She grew some tits. It’s her, you’ve found her!

After some small talk you offer to walk her to her class. It is on the other side of the school from your own. Who cares? You have to hold your books in front of your crotch to hide your half-mast hardon.

At lunch she pokes you while you are waiting in line. Good! She is still playful and fun. You talk a bit during lunch and she asks you to walk her to her class again. This is a dream come true!

After school she asks which direction you live in. You tell her not to far and ask her which way to her house, you’ll carry her books. Turns out it is again in the opposite direction from the one you are going. Who cares?

Once you get her home she invites you in. More small talk and then she leans in. You lean in. Before you know it your hand has found one of those new titties of hers. She seemed all to eager to show them to you. Before long you are making love to her tits. She couldn’t be happier!

Those times are back. Selina 18 just turned eighteen and her tits are brand new – pert and springy! She can’t wait to show them to you. She has dreamed of guys wanting her and with her new tits she is determined to land a few. Will you be one of the lucky ones?

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